Web Offset Printing

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Web Offset Printing

MBM offer web offset printing, which is a form of printing in which a continuous reel of paper is fed through the printing press. After printing, the reels are cut to a certain length depending on the size of the book, and the sheets are then folded into finished sections in-line.

MBM has 3 Variquik web presses. They are the complete book printing and folding machines unique for their versatility for the production of short and long run jobs. With the ability to run various cut-offs and reel widths, the Variquik offers a multitude of finished sizes across a wide range of material grades.

From reels to finished sections, the Variquik provides the fastest and most cost-effective route for the production of mono colour books, manuals, journals and various other publications.

About Web Printing

There are two methods of web offset printing, known as heatset and coldset (or non-heatset). In the heatset process, the ink is dried rapidly using infra-red driers. In the non-heatset or coldset process, the ink dries more slowly by ordinary evaporation and absorption.

The heatset process is used, in the production of (advertising) brochures, catalogues and magazines, while coldset printing machines are used to produce newspapers and paperback books.

Web offset is one of the most popular processes in the print industry. This is due in particular to the speed with which this type of machine can produce.

These machines can achieve 15,000-cylinder revolutions/h and over. This makes them extremely economical, as millions of print product runs can be produced in a short space of time.

Printing machine

When Would Web Offset Printing Be Used?

Web offset presses are suited to fast turnaround where mono print-runs are involved. MBM web presses can print in various size formats and paper grades as low as 49gsm. These presses are ideally suited to books, manuals, user guides, warranty documents etc. with a wide range of finishing options including stitched and perfect bound.