Digital Printing

“The quality and service I have received from MBM over the many years of working with them has been second to none. Even better is that this has been delivered at exceptional value and with outstanding reliability.”

– AYMES International

Digital Printing

MBM’s digital print solutions offer the advantages of scale, flexibility, quick turnaround and decreased obsolescence to the end user.

Documents can be created that are personalised and targeted to your individual end user using variable data technology.

MBM use high speed proven technology to produce full colour printed solutions up to 330x700mm on stocks ranging from 60-300gsm that can be finished to your specific requirements.

Using their Mini Binder, Guillotine and Challenger Trimmer, MBM provide clients with a “one stop shop” for digital production and finishing capability.

Pre-printed stock can also be used to provide a common template on which personalised data can be added giving your document that added visual impact.

About Digital Printing

Digital printing is a four-colour process reproduction method that uses electronic files (such as PDF artwork) and dots of colour to produce an image using toner or ink.

Unlike litho printing, no printing plates are required, and there is less waste of chemicals and paper because no ‘make-ready’ is required.

Used in conjunction with their standard pre-press and reprographics operation, MBM can provide solutions including:

  • Short run digital print alternative to lithographic print for leaflets, flyers, posters, saddle stitched books, perfect bound manuals.
  • Individualised reference cards or coupons via supplied databases.
  • Personalised financial service solutions such as statements, bills and invoices.

When Would Digital Printing Be Used?

The advantages of digital printing begin with a much shorter turnaround time.

Because you only need to print what you need, waste is reduced, and small print runs are very economical.

Digital printing also allows information from a database or list, to alter text and graphics on each print without stopping or slowing down the press, so it is easy to create personalised printed items.