Nominated Charity for 2015

TCT In aid of full colourMBM Print are pleased to announce that they have selected the Teenage Cancer Trust as their nominated charity for the coming year.

 Employees were recently given the opportunity to put forward a charity of their choice and a short list was drawn up.

 The company were keen to select a lesser known charity where money raised was going where it was intended and making a real difference.

 Financial reports on the Teenage Cancer Trust showed that 79p in every £1 raised was spent on charitable activities with the remainder going to overhead and running costs, which is a very good ratio for charitable organisations.

 MBM Prints first fundraising activity, a dress down Friday was held on Friday 24th October, which will shortly be followed by a prize draw for Christmas hampers in December.

 The Teenage Cancer Trust are dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for young cancer patients aged 13-24. They have funded, built and now maintain 28 units across the UK. They plan to build a further 3 and replace 3 existing ones so that all young people needing hospital treatment for cancer across the UK have access to the dedicated, specialist support they provide, no matter where they live.

 They don’t believe that teenagers should have to stop being teenagers just because they have cancer. So they bring young people together so they can be treated together, by teenage cancer experts, in an environment suited to their needs.

 If you would like further information on our fundraising activities or anything else relating to MBM Print please don’t hesitate to contact Christopher Craig on 0141-620 4415 or email